FTTH or Fiber-To-The-Home systems use optical fibers to connect the provider’s switching equipment to the customer’s home or business. 453250299These wiring systems are becoming increasingly popular, and replacing conventional copper and other metal-based wiring systems. This trend is catching up with both homeowners and businesses. So, what are the advantages these wiring systems offer that make them the preferred choice of millions?

  • Using an ideal FTTH system will not affect the telephone rates that the customer is currently paying unless they opt for an upgrade. Moreover, these wiring systems are low on maintenance. This helps the customers reap significant cost benefits in the long run.
  • Optical fibers are less susceptible to corrosion and power failures caused due to various reasons such as lightening and short circuits.data center 2 This enhances the reliability of the entire system. Also, these wires are capable of supporting high bandwidths.This enables the wires to effectively transmit a vast amount of data over long distances at lightening speeds. This feature helps the FTTH system to support high-technology products including Internet TV, IP video home, gaming systems, etc.
  • Studies have shown an increase in the value of properties installed with FTTH systems by as much as $5,000.

These are just some of the many benefits that customers (both businesses and homeowners) get with an FTTH system installed. If you are interested in purchasing the custom fiber optic cable assemblies for an FTTH system, please contact Galaxy Fiber Optics & Electronics @ 972.234.0065 today!