Data Center

Your data center may be the most critical location of your business as all paramount data is stored there. 453250299You can not afford to compromise when it comes to safeguarding such information warehouses. In order to ensure that the above objective is fulfilled, businesses today use optical fiber-based systems for connecting devices within their data center. What is it that makes these wiring systems the preferred choice of organizations across various industries?

  • In all possibility, your business may be handling a vast amount of data traffic. This increases the bandwidth needs significantly. Optical fiber-based systems offer speeds up to 40 Gb/second to 100 Gb/second which effectively helps you manage the traffic with ease.
  • data center 2Using an optical fiber network based on Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology that combines multiple signals on laser beams at various infrared wavelengths. This helps to transmit data via a fiber optic system with the lowest possible data latency. WDM-based systems encrypt the data and this encryption in turn ensures smooth and secure flow of information between your data centers.

Some more advantages of using WDM based systems are:

  • These wiring systems are affordable. They help you connect various disaster recovery and other applications. These applications are used to recover data to maintain the business continuity following a disaster.
  • Data-Center-ManagementWDM-based systems support a wide range of protocols and offer bit rate up to 100 Gbit/second.
  • Using comprehensive wiring systems would not only help you keep a tab on costs, but they can also be scaled up to manage the increased data volume in the future. Additionally, you can even customize these solutions in order to meet your business objectives.

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