Optical Fibers: An Effective Medium to Transfer Data

When it comes to selecting a medium for transferring data, fiber optics is the preferred choice of most, if not all, companies across different industries. Why this is so is not hard to understand, for fiber optics offer many advantages over conventional metal wires. Here’s a look at some of the most important ones:

  • Optical fibers are significantly more efficient than copper systems in transferring large amount of data. The reason being that these wires lose very insignificant amount of data as compared to copper wires. Also, the integrity of the signal is maintained throughout in optical fibers.
  • Optical fibers are highly efficient at fending off electrical interferences and other diversions (like cross-talk and other noises). This helps in maintaining the integrity of the data.
  • Optical fibers do not include any metallic components. That’s why they are the obvious choice for areas with high electromagnetic interference. Also, optical fibers are bad conductors of electricity. No wonder that most power generation companies use these wires.
  • Optical fibers are dielectric in nature. This property of theirs effectively does away with the possibility of the signal being detected. Anyone trying to detect the signal will have to access the fiber and that is almost impossible. These features make these wires the preferred choice of banks, government agencies and other bodies.
  • Most fiber systems are cheaper as compared to copper solutions. So, in addition to being a safer and more efficient option, fiber optics are more cost-effective as well.


  • Optical fibers are lightweight and are smaller in diameter. This helps organizations in saving space when getting these systems installed.

In the past few years, thanks to the explosion of information traffic because of the Internet, computer networks, multimedia, and electronic media, fiber optics industry has recorded tremendous growth. This trend, according to the industry experts, is going to continue into the coming decade and beyond.


Any business looking to lay new network or upgrade an old network will do well to opt fiber optics.  These systems are the future of telecommunication and today many providers offer custom fiber optic cables to address different needs of different businesses.