What transfers data faster, farther and in greater amounts than ever before?

Optical fibers, of course. Thanks to these three reasons alone, businesses across varied industries are now using them as a backbone of their networks. For networks work best, much like the human body, when the backbone is strong and healthy.

Optical fibers, however, provide more than the above listed benefits. Other benefits include:

  • These wires have considerably higher bandwidth range as compared to conventional wiring systems. Therefore, it is ideal for growing companies who, in future, may need more bandwidth than what they are using at present.
  • Optical fibers are immune to electrical interferences. This makes these wires the first choice of organizations like government bodies, security agencies, etc. where maintaining the trustworthiness and integrity of data is imperative.


  • These wires are also more reliable as compared to conventional systems in transmitting and receiving information.

That as a business you should use one of these systems for your network or not is beyond question. What you, however, still would need to do is pick up the best option for your business.

Optical fibers, broadly speaking, come in three varieties. Each offers unique advantages and what works for one business may not work for another. Knowledge about these three types will help you buy the fiber optic cable that addresses your business needs best.

Different types of Optic Fibers

  • Multimode: Use these systems in case you need to connect applications over short distances. This system for example will be an ideal choice in case you are looking for wiring solutions for your data center. Using these systems will help you in cutting costs due to the lower installation costs involved.
  • Single mode: Opt for these systems in case you need to relay and receive data over long distances. These wires are an ideal choice in case you are looking for wiring solutions for your campus. These wires again are available in different versions and are capable of accommodating higher bandwidths. At Galaxy Fiber Optics & Electronics (URL: http://www.galaxyee.com/) we provide pre-terminated multi-fiber optic assemblies to meet needs for all kinds of projects.
  • Hybrid: These systems are a cross between the above mentioned systems. Hence, using these systems will make it possible for you to reap the benefits of both the systems.