Aerospace is a specialized and technology-intensive industry. We at Galaxy make sure to meet all FAA, ARINC, military and industrial specifications.aerospace1.jpgWe at Galaxy make sure to meet all FAA, ARINC, military and industrial specifications. The aerospace industry needs our cables to be used for many demanding aerospace applications such as In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Cabin Management Systems, Ethernet Backbone Avionics, and others.

Some reasons why fiber optic cables are ideal for this industry include:

  • The bandwidth requirements of modern aircrafts are rising. Optical fibers can accommodate high bandwidths. In addition to this, these wiring solutions consume less space as compared to the conventional options.
  • aerospace-2Optical fiber systems use less power and facilitate smooth transfer of an overwhelming volume of data (including videos) with ease. This feature makes them ideal for unmanned aircrafts as they need to communicate constantly with ground-based resources.
  • Using an optical fiber system while developing in-flight entertainment systems and electronic flight bags help keep a tab on the costs involved.
  • Optical fibers are also applied in the areas such as remote communication and sensing. They are used to wire infrared countermeasure devices (due to their ability to do away with data loss). This, in turn, makes the devices less susceptible to contamination.

If you are a part of the aerospace industry and looking for custom cables, Galaxy Fiber Optics & Electronics is here to help!